The Awaken Through Food Coaching sessions are designed to help you:

  • Stop your fear and obsession around food.
  • Create a loving relationship with your body.
  • Discover that all source of nourishment comes from within.
  • Help you feel radiant, confident and amazing from the inside out.
  • Increase your overall health and vitality.
  • Open your awareness and clarity of how to create your life.
  • Increase your capacity for self-love.
  • Feel free and joyful around food.
  • Create intuitive and life-enhancing food choices.
  • Teach you how to use food as a tool for your personal evolution.
  • Awaken your authenticity and self-expression.
  • Increase your intuition and inner guidance.
  • Open yourself to full-body sensory experience.
  • And much more…

Through a revolutionary combination of spiritual coaching, healing of the heart, quantum physics and nutritional alchemy you will be on a path self-discovery, inner-power and peace! You will soon discover that your food struggles are your doorway to freedom!

I understand you because I have been there, I have felt the way you feel, and I absolutely know there is a way out.  For more than 15 years I tried mending my fears and obsessions around food trying every diet out there, which only made it worse. I thought that food  control would solve all my problems and bring me to a place of peace. In other words, I was trying to fill out an inner void with external actions and circumstances using the same consciousness that created them.

All of this led me to finally discover that all source of nourishment and energy comes from within. With all certainty, I know what works and what can transform, evolve and expand you into the brilliant and magnificent person you came here to be!

have been called to dedicate my life to lead others into the path of full liberation, evolution and self expression. I am here for you, and it would be my honor to work with you.



The Process

I work with a limited number of clients because I believe you deserve all my attention, care, support, love and a breathtaking success.

My coaching sessions will look different for each of you, because you are all unique. However, these sessions are about connection, evolution,  intuition, expansion and joy. You and I will be committing to showing up with an open mind and heart  while letting the Divine work through us so that we can create magic and inspired action that will lead to real, tangible amazing results for you!

It is my job to remind you of what is possible for you.

The Call

After booking the session, you and I will talk for a 60-minute conversation. The sessions will be conducted via Skype or phone, so you can easily work with me from anywhere in the world. I am fluid in both English and Spanish, so feel free to ask me to hold the session in either language.

The best and most powerful results come after we work together for a period of 2-3 months, but you will get immediate results on the very first session.

The Power

These sessions are extremely powerful because they are supported by a tool that I attuned to use on my clients, called The Enhanced Healing Symbol.  This tool will deliver the necessary insights and activations to support the clearing of whatever we touch upon on the session. You will effortlessly shed and dissolve obsolete programs, limiting beliefs, negative emotional states, internal blockages and addictions while waking up to the underlying perfection that resides within you.



There is a part of you that knows this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE. There is a part of you that knows it is time to FOLLOW YOUR HEART’S DESIRES. There is a part of you that knows you are ready to STAND FOR YOURSELF and the life that you deserve. One simple YES is all it takes to change the outcome of your life!