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How To Positively Impact the Whole World!

Today, I want to briefly talk about a question that I´ve asked myself many, many times. And this million dollar question is: How can I positively impact those around me and beyond?  I bet many of you have also asked this question to yourselves…And to be honest, the answer is much simpler that we think it is.

We spend so much time trying to find our purpose in life. People often talk about finding their purpose, and we even have tons of self-help books and courses covering this topic. We often think that finding our purpose is some serious, weighty thing.

But let me tell you something: The Divine Creator has NO big, heavy expectations of you, and you were not created in order to have some mission to complete. You are WHOLE, you are PERFECT. Your purpose is to BE that which you already ARE. Your purpose is to enjoy your life and follow the path which makes YOU happy.

You WILL change the whole world by being YOU. You WILL change the world by being JOYFUL and HAPPY. Since we are all connected, the SIMPLEST way to positively impact the whole world is by broadcasting that pure frequency of happiness, authenticity and transparency.

Choose to engage in those activities that make you happy and you will be uplifting the whole world! You are here to embody your divinity. You are the voice and body of The Divine, but that does not mean that you need to get too serious about it. Playing, enjoying and laughing adds as much value to the planet as work does.

Serve if it really feels good to you, but living a life of happiness authentic to you is as important as serving. As you awaken to the realization that you are HOLY, regardless of what you do, you´ll get inspired to follow your highest path.

You are UNIQUE. You have your own GIFTS and TALENTS. And you only need to use them to make yourself JOYFUL. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I really enjoy?
  • What makes me feel happy?
  • What can I do today to bring laugher and smiles into my life?

Whatever that answer is, whether it is dancing along some funky music, playing around with your pet, walking around nature, training to complete in a sport, solving a complex mathematic equation or simply laying down and relaxing… DO IT, TODAY! Every answer is equally valuable.

I hope these words help you lighten up those burdens, help you recognize and honor your own path and help you realize that just by BEING YOU, you actually change the whole world!

In love and appreciation,


God Always Whispers, But He Can Yell Too

In this moment, I am writing from a deep humble, grateful and peaceful space within me. As I just told a dear friend of mine: “It never stops to amaze me the way in which God brings you the exact message you need when you are opened and receptive to hear it”. Let me explain…

I am going through some big changes in my life right now.  Uncertainly is knocking at my door and I tend to feel very anxious and stressed when these things happen. As a result, it has been about two weeks in a row with alternating days in which I have not slept at all, and I really felt like a zombie today.

As some of you may know, I had a big spiritual awakening when I was living in NY, and this changed my life forever. Back then, everything felt bright and joyful, as it was only a reflection of my internal state. However, as I moved back to Mexico, the light has been dimming down little by little…. And I really have no one to blame except my own lack of commitment to following my inner voice.

It seems that when I overfocus on the nutritional stuff (as this is the work that I do everyday on myself and my clients), everything else shuts down. It is something that can easily turn into an obsession for me. I have to be very careful about this and to be honest, I just haven´t.

Anyways, as I was lying in bed last night, feeling anxious and desperate to get at least one hour of sleep as the dawn came by, I asked for help and guidance. And I didn´t just ask, I REALLY asked.  So as I woke up this morning, feeling like crap, I decided to go take a walk at a park nearby that always makes me feel well, as I love being around nature.

As I has finished my walk, this particular man that takes care of making sure your car stays safe while you´re out in the park came near me and started talking to me. I had once talked to him, and he told me the way in which his health and outlook on life changed when he searched for the spiritual meaning of his being (and this was an unexpected conversation for me to have with him).

So today, out of nowhere he suddenly asked if I had experienced my “encounter” with Him. I hesitated for a moment and I suddenly felt the impact of those words. My answer was: “Yes, but not lately”.

As he heard my answer, it was like some extremely loving and powerful force started talking through him. He went on to say that it is only through feeling One with Him that our outer circumstances won´t have an impact on us anymore. That once we feel One with Him, nothing external will make us happy, because happiness comes from within. That once we feel One with Him, we will realize how beautiful we are and so is every other living being. That once we feel One with Him, we will never hurt ourselves or anyone else again. That no matter how many cars, houses, money, titles, relationships and friends we have, we´ll never find happiness if we are not One with Him.

He then finished by telling me that we can´t be One with Him if we are not willing to. That we have to focus all our attention and energy to making sure we are focusing on Him and His Will for us.  That we have to talk to Him as if we were talking to a friend or a partner we love. And that once we have this encounter with Him, our suffering, anxiety and emptiness will be gone forever. That there is no going back.

All I can say is that tears started streaming down my face as I literally felt God talking to me in such a direct, loving and strong way. Today, I can honestly say that not only did God whisper to me, but he yelled at me (in such a good way!). My sense of tiredness literally vanished and I felt such peace and blissfulness. My heart exploded and my chest expanded, as I opened myself to Him and His Love.

Today, I am recommitting myself to focusing on that which really matters to me, which is my connection to Him. It does not matter if you call him God, Universe, Life Force Energy, or whatever term may suit you. He is real, He is ever-present, He is here for us, He wants to be heard and He definitely wants us to be happy, always…

I now leave you with these words to ponder, to inspire you, to open your eyes to Him and the eternal Love that we truly are. Today, God spoke to me. Today, I heard the answer to my prayers….The rest, is up to me.


Thank you God, with all my heart,


Regret is not an Option

How many times have we done something and wished we could turn back the clock in order to undo it? Have you made a decision that seemed to be the best at the time and later on realize that you would have never made it with the level of consciousness you have today? Well, lately I have been thinking about this a lot, and the only thing I am certain of is that regret is not an option. Here´s why…..

All that we do, even if it seems to be a mistake, is always leading us to our greatest good.  Even our biggest hardships can become our biggest blessings if we are willing to wake up. Many years ago, in my pursuit of beauty and perfection I took many decisions that I would have never taken today, and as painful as they seem to me, they lead me to where I am today.

From strict diets, strenuous workouts and even invasive procedures, I put so much stress and density on my body… But its innate wisdom was always there for me, waiting to be unleashed. That brilliant intelligence that runs through every cell of my (and your) body never gave up on me. It was unconditionally supportive and always trying to bring me back to balance no matter what I did.

I was too blind at that time, consumed by the world of illusion that kept me away from realizing the truth of who I was. But where there is prolonged resistance to change, life knocks us harder and harder until we change course. Life is change, stagnancy is death… And death was not an option…

Through life-deteriorating choices I had the chance to turn my life in a different direction. Through going against my own body I got the chance to get a glimpse of what beauty really means and how to reach it (with something more than nice bath products and makeup). And today I keep on learning to express this beauty, so regret is not an option. I have opened the door to my vastness, to the realization of the infinite potential that lives within me, and for this I can only be grateful.

I have learned, and continue to learn, that real beauty comes when we stop trying to get things from life, when we stop trying to control our bodies and instead cooperate with the underlying impeccable wisdom that reveals the most pristine beauty of all. Instead of trying to make beautiful a body that you think is imperfect, you may beautify all life in which you are embedded, through recognizing its perfection, innocence and purity. As you let go all that is false, perfection is revealed.

We have the tendency to feel insecure about ourselves and to care about what others think of us. But I have learned that we simply cannot let ourselves go there. We have to love ourselves and walk this journey as impeccably as we can. And for me, this means that I have to be very conscious of the true meaning of beauty: “Beauty is truth expressed in form, it is the expression of our essential nature”.

If we want to rise above the mundane life that steers us to feel unworthy, not good enough, not fit enough, not beautiful enough and not perfect enough, we need to rise above all the social standards and belief systems that dictate what is beautiful or not. And we need to recognize that all the seeming mistakes are part of a divine tapestry of perfection and Love.

Do I regret all the things that I did to my body? To be perfectly honest, yes, there are instants in which I do… But I immediately bring myself back to the reality in which I chose to dwell, in which regret is not an option. Today, I invite you to do the same.

I want to end with a quote from my beloved mystic Almine: “To become a luminous exquisite miracle that has metamorphosed life into a whole new level of existence requires that you live triumphantly and that your spirit soars over the trials of your life”.

Please know that you are never ever alone, and if you need personal support, I am here for you.

All my Love,