Hello my name is Monica and with these words I am hoping to share with you my passion around the importance of nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits. So let´s get started…

I remember spending most of my childhood and teenage years wanting to fit in, never feeling good enough and having the need to prove myself to others. When I was 15, I got really hurt and I developed an eating disorder that lasted for the next half of my life. No matter how much support I received from my loved ones and friends, this nightmare would not go away.

I tried mending my fears and obsessions around food trying every diet out there, which only made it worse. I thought that dieting, detoxing, eating alkaline, balancing my macronutrients, working out and controlling my food would solve all my problems and bring me to a place of peace (note: some of these practices can be very life-enhancing if done under a context of self-care and self-love), but in my case, I was trying to fill out an inner void with external actions and resources using the same level of consciousness that created them.

Finally, the misery that all of this brought me was too big for my heart, and I surrendered. This was my breaking point, and it was when miracles started to happen. I had asked for sincere help, and the Universe answered. All of a sudden, I came across the right teacher, the right book, the right place and my consciousness started shifting.

All of this happened during my BS and MS studies in Nutrition and Dietetics…. Being inside a very inflexible scholar system, I realized that there was so much more into nutrition than mere calculations and scientific studies…I could feel how variables like our beliefs, emotions and thoughts have a huge role in the way we metabolize and process food, plus we are not robots that can fit into standardized nutrition values and protocols….

This awakening led me to study Metaphysics, Holistic Nutrition, Unified Physics, Universal Health Principles, Mind-Body Nutrition, etc… All of these not only confirmed my theories, but actually made me expand into a sense of worthiness, love and gratitude… I realized that we are so much more than a physical body…. We are energy beings, interwoven and interconnected to a vast and infinite Universal Intelligence… Now I understand that our biggest sufferings can turn into our biggest blessings…

As a result of this deeply felt realization, I started having the most positive relationship with my body and food. I finally realized who I truly was. I discovered that my struggles were the doorway that led me to the vastness of my being. I learned that there is no one size that fits all and all you have to do is listen to what feels good for you without judgment or labels. It all starts on the inside, remembering who we truly are.

After years of personal exploration, it is a pleasure of mine to be able to share and teach all that I have learned… My passion if to help people achieve their health,aesthetic and weight loss goals with while making them realize all the inner potential that they carry within….

My professional experience includes:

  • Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Master Degree in Nutrition Education, Columbia University, New York City.
  • Master Degree in Holistic Health and Nutrition, University of Natural Health.  
  • Certification in Deep Tissue Cleansing, Natalia Rose Institute, New York City.
  • Certified Clinical and Sports Nutrition, Academy of Allied Healthcare Professionals.
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant, International Institute of Holistic Healing.
  • Pre-Certified Universal Health Principles Practitioner.

I KNOW you are meant to live a wonderful, joyful, free and amazing life, and I am here for you.  You can check out all the different options to work with me here.