Dec 9, 2015 Monica

How To Positively Impact the Whole World!

Today, I want to briefly talk about a question that I´ve asked myself many, many times. And this million dollar question is: How can I positively impact those around me and beyond?  I bet many of you have also asked this question to yourselves…And to be honest, the answer is much simpler that we think it is.

We spend so much time trying to find our purpose in life. People often talk about finding their purpose, and we even have tons of self-help books and courses covering this topic. We often think that finding our purpose is some serious, weighty thing.

But let me tell you something: The Divine Creator has NO big, heavy expectations of you, and you were not created in order to have some mission to complete. You are WHOLE, you are PERFECT. Your purpose is to BE that which you already ARE. Your purpose is to enjoy your life and follow the path which makes YOU happy.

You WILL change the whole world by being YOU. You WILL change the world by being JOYFUL and HAPPY. Since we are all connected, the SIMPLEST way to positively impact the whole world is by broadcasting that pure frequency of happiness, authenticity and transparency.

Choose to engage in those activities that make you happy and you will be uplifting the whole world! You are here to embody your divinity. You are the voice and body of The Divine, but that does not mean that you need to get too serious about it. Playing, enjoying and laughing adds as much value to the planet as work does.

Serve if it really feels good to you, but living a life of happiness authentic to you is as important as serving. As you awaken to the realization that you are HOLY, regardless of what you do, you´ll get inspired to follow your highest path.

You are UNIQUE. You have your own GIFTS and TALENTS. And you only need to use them to make yourself JOYFUL. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I really enjoy?
  • What makes me feel happy?
  • What can I do today to bring laugher and smiles into my life?

Whatever that answer is, whether it is dancing along some funky music, playing around with your pet, walking around nature, training to complete in a sport, solving a complex mathematic equation or simply laying down and relaxing… DO IT, TODAY! Every answer is equally valuable.

I hope these words help you lighten up those burdens, help you recognize and honor your own path and help you realize that just by BEING YOU, you actually change the whole world!

In love and appreciation,


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