Sep 22, 2015 Monica

Regret is not an Option

How many times have we done something and wished we could turn back the clock in order to undo it? Have you made a decision that seemed to be the best at the time and later on realize that you would have never made it with the level of consciousness you have today? Well, lately I have been thinking about this a lot, and the only thing I am certain of is that regret is not an option. Here´s why…..

All that we do, even if it seems to be a mistake, is always leading us to our greatest good.  Even our biggest hardships can become our biggest blessings if we are willing to wake up. Many years ago, in my pursuit of beauty and perfection I took many decisions that I would have never taken today, and as painful as they seem to me, they lead me to where I am today.

From strict diets, strenuous workouts and even invasive procedures, I put so much stress and density on my body… But its innate wisdom was always there for me, waiting to be unleashed. That brilliant intelligence that runs through every cell of my (and your) body never gave up on me. It was unconditionally supportive and always trying to bring me back to balance no matter what I did.

I was too blind at that time, consumed by the world of illusion that kept me away from realizing the truth of who I was. But where there is prolonged resistance to change, life knocks us harder and harder until we change course. Life is change, stagnancy is death… And death was not an option…

Through life-deteriorating choices I had the chance to turn my life in a different direction. Through going against my own body I got the chance to get a glimpse of what beauty really means and how to reach it (with something more than nice bath products and makeup). And today I keep on learning to express this beauty, so regret is not an option. I have opened the door to my vastness, to the realization of the infinite potential that lives within me, and for this I can only be grateful.

I have learned, and continue to learn, that real beauty comes when we stop trying to get things from life, when we stop trying to control our bodies and instead cooperate with the underlying impeccable wisdom that reveals the most pristine beauty of all. Instead of trying to make beautiful a body that you think is imperfect, you may beautify all life in which you are embedded, through recognizing its perfection, innocence and purity. As you let go all that is false, perfection is revealed.

We have the tendency to feel insecure about ourselves and to care about what others think of us. But I have learned that we simply cannot let ourselves go there. We have to love ourselves and walk this journey as impeccably as we can. And for me, this means that I have to be very conscious of the true meaning of beauty: “Beauty is truth expressed in form, it is the expression of our essential nature”.

If we want to rise above the mundane life that steers us to feel unworthy, not good enough, not fit enough, not beautiful enough and not perfect enough, we need to rise above all the social standards and belief systems that dictate what is beautiful or not. And we need to recognize that all the seeming mistakes are part of a divine tapestry of perfection and Love.

Do I regret all the things that I did to my body? To be perfectly honest, yes, there are instants in which I do… But I immediately bring myself back to the reality in which I chose to dwell, in which regret is not an option. Today, I invite you to do the same.

I want to end with a quote from my beloved mystic Almine: “To become a luminous exquisite miracle that has metamorphosed life into a whole new level of existence requires that you live triumphantly and that your spirit soars over the trials of your life”.

Please know that you are never ever alone, and if you need personal support, I am here for you.

All my Love,