Aug 27, 2015 Monica

Lessons Learned in Iceland!

Hello Beautiful Ones,

I have not written in a while because I went away for a vacation trip. This year, I had the opportunity of visiting Iceland, and I can wholeheartedly say that it is one of the most peaceful and magnificent places I have ever been.

Being surrounded by the most pristine nature, air and water, I could feel the way in which we are truly meant to experience our time here on Mother Earth. She has always gifted us with such power, wisdom, beauty, majesty and intelligence… But we have been so blind and separated from our Source that we have forgotten Her.

Iceland 3

If you take a close look at how nature works, you will realize that even what seems to be a flaw is perfect and follows an Intelligence that is always self-regenerating, self-nurturing and self-sufficient. Nature always follows a life-generating path.

What we see in Nature is what we always have had within ourselves. This Intelligence that runs through Nature also runs through each cell of our body. It seems that the more we interfere with this process, the more we separate ourselves from what is truly ours.

I finally understood the meaning of surrender as I watched the beauty and perfection of my natural surroundings….. Surrender is not something that we need to attain or something that we need to chase after, but something what we stop looking to attain in order to just BE.

Iceland 1 (2)

All the waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, geysers, flowers, lakes, waves and trees simple ARE. They need to do nothing but flow naturally with the currents of life in order to thrive. The same goes for us, but we just forget…. The more we let go of everything we think we know and think we need to do, the more we open ourselves to just be and let Life flow through us.

As within, so without. The beauty and magnificence of Nature is OURS, it is what we ARE. There is no separation between us. How can you not feel beautiful, powerful, worthy and glorious when you know that the majesty of Nature lives within you?

Iceland 2

Can you open your heart and hear the stream of a waterfall flow through you? Can you open your mind and see the sun and mountains above the lake gloriously shining within you? Life is absolutely perfect, if we just let it be.

Stop trying so hard, and appreciate all that you already ARE. Let the Intelligence of Life flow through you without resistance one step at a time….Maybe you can start by choosing to see yourself with love today, and just trust that tomorrow will follow…

In a wide open appreciation for all Life,